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new here, wondering something ang EL after the end of the end

Hi all!

Then I can finally sign up for the club to try again

I have a son of 7 years. When we tried to get pregnant at the time, it took 6 months since I quit my presence until I became pregnant.
I also have a daughter for almost 6 years, but when I got pregnant with her I had not started contraception, so she "sat" right away.

Now we have decided to get a little "attended". I finished the pp in November (do not quite remember the date). Got as normal in December, but did not know anything about ovulation. Now in January, I had a lot of aches / strong murders in my stomach the 22 + 23. According to my calendar, I had ovulation on the 22th. Can it be said that ovulation has come so soon after the end of the blister? As I spent 6 months the last time I stopped contraception in order to get pregnant, I almost expected my body to have so long this time also getting rid of the hormones. Or can this vary from time to time, possibly with different types of contraception?
Hope, of course, it was ovulation
Have always had a regular cycle of 28 days.

Had sex the 22 and the next 4 days, so if it was ovulation then there is a chance that I'm already pregnant. Crossing my fingers!
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